We Missed You...

Things have been kinda quiet here, haven't they?

Well I assure you, that's perfectly normal.
This is what's to be expected when new music is being made 😉

Though we're recording our next batch of EP's, we still can't seem but miss playing live for you. That's why back in April we made our (somewhat) surprise announcement that we'd be playing the opening night of the 2016 Queens Night Market (which had 10,000 PEOPLE in attendance! YIKES!).

A few months of recording later and we're still getting that itch.
So here's the scratch:

We'll be returning to Desmond's Tavern's to introduce you to some of the new songs! So drop by and join the party as we set forth a night filled with new melodies, riotous jollity, and tasty libations.

Desmond's Tavern 433 Park Ave S, New York, New York 10016

Sat. Aug 6th   /   $8   /   7:30pm   /   21+


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