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Hear theRave have a nice chat with the boys over at Ain't Talking Bout Pop to discuss his earliest memories of his musicianship, singers who've influenced his approach, guitar gear geekdom, favorite music videos, the collaborating nature he has with theProfessor, live show memories (as both performer and fan), lessons he learned from Prince (obviously), the creation of Sinful Things, and more...

Catch our latest interview on The Balance Room

Listen in as theRave sat down with Ingrid Wood over at The Balance Room Podcast to discuss the new album, Sinful Things, it's creation, his best piece of advice, the meaning behind the band name, the controversy surrounding it, his favorite gizmos+gadgets, his first recordings, Amy Winehouse's influence on Blackbird, his undying love of Prince, and more...


A narrative prequel to their debut album SUADADE, Sinful Things is Spells and Curses creating a sonic representation of their live sound, with a twist of lemon. The result is a rock album, full of unabashedly epic intentions. The perfect companion for floating through space.


theRave: Vocals, Guitars, Synths & Bass
theProfessor: Drums & Percussion

Ben Schigel: Mixing
Mitchell De Koning: Editing
Calvin Edwards (FY Agency): Front Cover Photo


New Facelift? Long overdue...

Oh Dorothy, sweet Dorothy,

Did you truly think I'd leave you?

Simply put, I was merely getting a hold of my bearings. It's a new age my dear, and with it comes a new sense of purpose on my part. I've learned so much in the past few months; both about myself and about the world I wish to leave behind. All I can say for now is this is only the beginning...

I've developed quite a storm coming your way. Forecasts says you'll be dripping wet, but knowing you, you won't mind much. That's good. It's good that at least some things haven't changed. Everything else seemingly has. That's not a bad thing, though. I feel there's a great liberating feeling that occurs when one sheds away the past and embraces new skin. I think you of all people will come to appreciate this most of all.

New spells and curses.
More questions and answers.





Love and nothing but,


"Mercedes" Official Music Video

This is the first single off our newest Sinful Things (In Stores June 2nd).

It's a compilation of live footage from a handful of shows from our first tour.
When we were wee wittle guppies. #AhMemories


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