"New Yorkโ€™s Spells And Curses is an interesting group.  They donโ€™t really fit neatly in any one category.  Their sound reminds me of so many different groups, hardly any of which are similar to another.  The NY trioโ€™s newest offering Sinful Things is a borderline psychedelic experience." - Ryze-Up

"Sinful Things is Spells and Curses creating a sonic representation of their live sound. The result is a rock album, full of unabashedly epic intentions." -  Spark Live Stream

"It's a great project, it's got a lot of dynamics, it's not one way all the way through. It's not the same song 6 times." - The Balance Room

"It's very cohesive as a whole; each song has it's own feel to it. I just got so caught up with the music." - Ain't Talking Bout Pop



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