Bewitching Pool

When asked what drives me to create, my answer has always been the same: anger. Whether leaving toxic situations or being accountable to my flaws, it’s all a process of creation and the drive behind it has always been a pissed off kid angry enough to do something about it.

Recently, I’ve been facing a lot of resistance and negativity for just trying to be myself. These past 2 years saw things happen with the sole intention of keeping me from releasing music ever again. I’ve always prided myself on being able to turn the venom of opposition into the basis of my courage. However for this brief period of time, that wasn't the case.

This song is important because it’s about when I became vulnerable to that venom again. I forgot how to turn it into fuel; instead allowing it to slow me down, because deep down I felt that's what I deserved. Sometimes drowning is a choice.
Thankfully, coming back up can be too.

Cover Art: Philipa Craig

Mix Engineer: Fabian Ramos Gomez

Remix Engineer: Louis Guerra

Love That We Make

This track documents the first time Spells and Curses ever recorded in a professional studio (Eastside Sound Studio), with a 3x Grammy Award Winning Producer (Marc Urselli).

Producer: Marc Urselli

Assistant Producer: Duff Harris

Album Art: Sophie Gavidia


"... the tracks affect you that much more. I encourage people to try it out and see what sensations they encounter throughout it." 
Creative Control Magazine

"But what I love about “Suadade” is the fact that it’s just so damned experimental. This is the documentation of a band exploring their headspace and finding multiple voices in return. I would most definitely recommend listening to “Suadade” from start to finish in order to get the full effect intended." - Jammerzine

"The sound is very original, sometimes dark and heavy, then suddenly pure industrial with some sweet melodies as well during the calmer parts... Definitely highly recommended to check out asap." - Strutter Magazine

"... a seductive new take on alternative rock by combining the lush harmonic arrangements of Jeff Buckley, with the textured visceral rock of Deftones." - Radio InterDual

Sinful Things

"New York’s Spells And Curses is an interesting group.  They don’t really fit neatly in any one category.  Their sound reminds me of so many different groups, hardly any of which are similar to another.  The NY trio’s newest offering Sinful Things is a borderline psychedelic experience." - Ryze-Up

"It's a great project, it's got a lot of dynamics, it's not one way all the way through. It's not the same song 6 times." - The Balance Room

"It's very cohesive as a whole; each song has it's own feel to it. I just got so caught up with the music." - Ain't Talking Bout Pop

"Sinful Things is Spells and Curses creating a sonic representation of their live sound. The result is a rock album, full of unabashedly epic intentions." -  Spark Live Stream

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