Spells and Curses cover Maxwell


Like most of the CYAF tracks, this cover is an experiment of sorts. It's more or less an indicator of what I'm trying to do with regards to the vocal production for some of the tracks on the upcoming EP (particularly the vocal harmoniessss!). It was also really fun going crazy with the guitar to get some the "out there" sounds you hear on this track (yea, that's not an orchestra sample I got there, tehe!)

Initially, this cover was only going to be vocals and guitar. But then it gave me "Little Wing"-vibes and I decided to throw on a mallet instrument too. After that came the guitar solo and all the crazy aural experimentation that comes along with it. Everything sounded great, but then I figured it could use some drums to make it more trap-soul-ish. I didn't even want bass on it to be honest, but after some more experimentation, I figured why not and VOILA: