In case you missed it, here's video-graphic evidence of all the madness that transpired during our recent visit to WVMR Studios in NY for an interview with KatieKay on Monday Night RAWRR! We touched on everything from our name origins, teachers who influenced us, our shared history, the legalities of recreational marijuana use, dealing with labels, top 5s, the music from both albums, the future, and of course, Kanye West.

Watch below!

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LIVE Interview with All Around Music

As you may have already heard, we're keeping quite busy these days. One of the many things we have coming up is a LIVE interview happening over the interwebZ this Friday @ 7:30pm with the All Around Music Podcast! We'll be talking all things Spells and Curses so drop by, listen in, ask a question, and get a little reckless with us ;D

AAM Podcast.jpg

FRIDAY, September 1st @ 7:30 pm

UPDATE (9/4/17)

Watch The Full Episode:

Listen in as we discuss our live shows, the power of meditation, the pros and cons of music streaming, the mentality behind writing and performing, dinner plans, being a musician in the 21st Century, and more!

Interview with Territorial Noise


Listen in as Territorial Noise's very own @isadamonfire travels all the way to New York to talk shop with theRave! Hear them discuss Spells and Curses' newest album Sinful Things,  it's purpose + meaning + story, the band’s unique genre-bending style, live shows, the story of both albums, how to cover songs the right way, and make a bid for a collaboration with Kanye West!

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Ain't Talking Bout Pop INTERVIEWS TheRave

Hear theRave have a nice chat with the boys over at Ain't Talking Bout Pop to discuss his earliest memories of his musicianship, singers who've influenced his approach, guitar gear geekdom, favorite music videos, the collaborating nature he has with theProfessor, live show memories (as both performer and fan), lessons he learned from Prince (obviously), the creation of Sinful Things, and more...