"Blackbird" Music Video

The music video for “Blackbird” has finally been released!It may have taken a while, but I feel this to be the best initial step into the visual realm of music.

The experience of creating the music video was pretty extraordinary. I remember when I wrote out the treatment, I listed exactly what I wanted for this video. I had everything sketched out from the look of the video, the locations, and wardrobe, to the lighting, the feel, and most of all, the story. Everything you see for this video was exactly as I had pictured it in my brain. Same shots, same camera angles, everything right to the last frame. That's the genius of Alex Suleymanov. He delivered in the most important way. He was able to take what I had written on paper, bring it to life visually, and edit it together so that it all makes sense.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what a director that's dedicated to getting the shot looks like.
THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is what a director that's dedicated to getting the shot looks like.

Then you also have the talent of our two actresses; Kanushree and Vidushi Jain. Kanushree (our main character) showed a dedication and professionalism to the project that I am truly thankful for. I recall telling her that a significant portion of the video would feature her in sweats, while jogging with no make-up. Now I don’t know how most girls would have felt about doing any of that (while being filmed, no less), but she never once complained or had any doubts; just a dream to work with.

It’s been a blast hearing people’s interpretations of the video! A lot of them were pretty far from what my original story, but they still made sense (I love when great art does that)! Here’s a 2 tidbits about the video from my side of the fence:

What the heck is it about? It’s a story that’s happening within 3 concurrent yet alternate timelines/realities. Without getting too specific, after bottling her emotions for so long, we witness a girl having a breakdown. During this breakdown, she breaks through to alternate reality where she is with a person she lost. However, she is comatose because her being doesn’t belong in that universe. As soon as she snaps out of it and returns to her own reality, she realized that her body has been jogging mindlessly for hours. In a nutshell, it was an attempt to display what it looks like to experience the utmost echelon of an emotion, and in this case, the emotion was despair.

Why did you release it on 02/03/15? As you may remember from previous posts, numerology has a way of factoring into my decisions, one way or another. Simply put, it made the most sense. There were actually a ton of reasons that pointed to this date, but in my never-ending haste, and because I didn’t log any of them down, I can’t remember a single one. If you’d have asked me a week ago when I still had them fresh in my brain, I would have had an answer, but a week is a lifetime for a musician. Rest assured though, that there were quite a few signs. I’ll edit this post if I recall any. (They were really deep too =/)

I hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as the team and I enjoyed creating it. If you haven’t seen it yet, well, what the heck are you waiting for?!

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