New Music is Here (Yet Again)

The last song I uploaded was one I put into the vault but ultimately decided to release. In the weeks since then, I've combed through a few of the unreleased stuff lying around the vault and found a song that I felt captures where my head's at currently. This is a song I recorded a while ago, but the words still ring true for me at this point in life. I suppose there's a trend happening here...

I think everyone we know (and perhaps ourselves too, if we're being honest) is going through some deep stuff. Maybe it's really heavy, maybe it's just nagging, but it's ultimately unhealthy if we keep it bottled up. Let's just remember to be kind to ourselves and ask for help when we might otherwise be too spiteful, prideful, or scared to. Let's remember that we are not alone; not on this earth, and certainly not in this life. We are all here, and have each other for a reason.

Hit me up if you need to talk.