New Music is here

I recently had a very important conversation with a close friend about some things I was going through, and it opened my eyes to a perspective that was really helpful. I recorded this song just a few hours later, but I was gonna leave it in the vault. It was only recorded for me to listen to when I needed something to act as my medicine and help me out of a pretty dark place in my head (regarding this particular situation, at least). However it's been really helpful; listening to this recording was balancing me back to normal. I suppose something about hearing my voice say the words was kinda like confronting myself with the truth. No hiding from it this time. It was so helpful for me, that I figured it might be the same for someone in need as well.

Yes that's me breathing heavy, having a hard time getting the lyrics out. Yes those are dissonant chords thrown in to give you an idea of how fucked things can sound/feel in my head. This was just meant to show you what "going through hurtful shit" feels like for me. But I'm surviving, and guess what that means? So can you.

SO CAN YOU. I promise.