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Spells and Curses is a New York-based hybrid rock group, known for challenging the passive thought patterns of modern day culture. Courtship, sex, commitment, loneliness, fetishes, vindication, love and hate; all is fair game and is brought under their musical lens of inquiry.

Led by theRave, they’ve developed a style for recording multilayered sonic mixtures, assembled from scraps of diverse musical elements: rock guitar-based accompaniments; ambient electronic soundscapes; all forms of live instrumentation; various forces of experimental percussion; vocals ranging from seductive crooning and angelic choral harmonies, to anthemic battle-cries and roboticly-tinged raps. Thus the music of Spells and Curses is, in short, difficult to classify but hard to deny.

Wanting to create music they couldn’t find elsewhere, they self-released their 2015 debut album SUADADE. Overwhelmingly positive reaction allowed them to tour the tri-state area, reaching new crowds in Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester and Suffolk counties. Keeping busy, they further produced music videos both live and otherwise to spread the word. In addition to blogs and radio shows praising their lush harmonic arrangements as the next sound to watch out for, they kept a strong presence in New York City by playing to 10,000 people at the Queens Night Market, and packing hometown venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric, and The Bitter End.

2016 saw them begin work on their follow-up. The new album, SINFUL THINGS, features 6 tracks and 40 minutes of music. With more layers, guitars, vocals, and electronic samples, it is a radical sonic departure from their previous effort. Yet the lyrics reflect on sin and willfulness, while examining their ever-intertwining nature to morality in today’s tech-centered world.

Believing every song is a spell to enhance the moment or a curse to damn it, their mission remains; create "below the belt rock n’ roll" to not only think outside the box, but expand it.

Spells and Curses is:


(vocal + guitar + synth + bass)


(drums + percussion)

"... the tracks affect you that much more. I encourage people to try it out and see what sensations they encounter throughout it." - Creative Control Magazine

"But what I love about “Suadade” is the fact that it’s just so damned experimental. This is the documentation of a band exploring their headspace and finding multiple voices in return. I would most definitely recommend listening to “Suadade” from start to finish in order to get the full effect intended." - Jammerzine

"... offers a seductive new take on alternative rock by combining the lush harmonic arrangements of Jeff Buckley, with the textured visceral rock of Deftones." - Radio InterDual

"The sound is very original, sometimes dark and heavy, then suddenly pure industrial with some sweet melodies as well during the calmer parts... Definitely highly recommended to check out asap." - Strutter Magazine

"New York’s Spells And Curses is an interesting group.  They don’t really fit neatly in any one category.  Their sound reminds me of so many different groups, hardly any of which are similar to another." - Ryze-Up

Spells and Curses Interviewed by The Aquarian